We are looking for a tutor to perform teaching and guiding tasks for our Global clients. There are no minimum entry barriers but you can find out more about the basic requirements.

We Offer:

You can earn up to US $18,000 to $33,750 or more Per Year. As your skills and experience grow so will your bank balance.

You should expect to get the minimum work of US $1500 Per Month.

Worldwide Part-Time and Full-Time Work From Home Jobs. Only you will need a quiet place for your freelance teaching work.

Pay Rates:

Maybe you really want to get informed that how much money you can make teaching online, and it totally depends largely on how many hours you want to put in, which will vary depending on where you’re located. Teach on your own schedule and work from home. Or anywhere else that you want.

LevelPrice Per MinutesEstimated Earning Per Session
BeginnerUS $0.40US $6.00, if you teach 15 Minutes Per Session.
IntermidiateUS $0.50US $7.50, if you teach 15 Minutes Per Session.
ProfessionalUS $0.65US $9.75, if you teach 15 Minutes Per Session.
ExpertsUS $0.75US $11.25, if you teach 15 Minutes Per Session.
(*Rate x 15 Minutes Per Session)
Rate Per SessionTeaching Session Per DayExpected Earning
$6.00If you teach 10 Session/Day$60.00
$7.50If you teach 10 Session/Day$75.00
$9.75If you teach 10 Session/Day$97.50
$11.25If you teach 10 Session/Day$112.50

With the above example now you can calculate you’re monthly estimated earning:
As a beginner if you earned US $60 per day (as per above table), and if you worked in a month for 25 days then your calculated monthly income will be $60 x 25 = $1500.

Earning Simulator:

We have designed an online earning simulator which will help you calculate the kind of earning that you can earn with us. Simulate Your Earnings Now!


Basic knowledge of Internet and English
Minimum 30-50 words per minute typing speed on the computer.
A computer with a high-speed internet connection.


You must be at least 16 years old or above, Secondary or High School Diploma.

Joining Fees

Registration is absolutely FREE! There is No hidden cost before or after the joining, And we don’t ask about Investment to you on any stage.

Online Teaching Demo Work:

Demo work is an online tutorial which is developed by Talent Desire’s Team for your better understanding of the related work. With the help of demo work, You will get in touch and learn the basics of the online teaching, tips and tricks to get succeed in no time. Get the benefits of the online teaching Demo work and start your unstoppable journey from now!

Payment Terms and Options:

We expect all our teachers and you to act as an end-to-end learning solution providers for the students. In simple words, as a teacher you understand the learning requirement of the student, creates the learning plan for the student, prepares the relevant content required for the sessions, shares tests and assignments, evaluates them to understand student progress and provides regular feedback on the same to students and parents. We have effective payment solutions for our freelancers, find a complete list of payment options from here.