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Once your application to join Talent Desire has been accepted, you will eligible to get work from our clients.

But if our selection committee finds that we don’t have opportunities for you based on your combination of skills and experience your job application can be or not to be accepted. in that condition, we invite you to update your profile and reapply if you feel that you have more relevant skills or experience to add that may have been left off your initial application.

If you do a few things to help you get started with us you’ll have a better chance of getting hired:

  • Complete the Getting Started Checklist (on the Apply Now page)
  • Complete your freelance sample project work (including job work as per your application), which serves as your most powerful tool for getting hired
  • Take relevant skill tests to increase your marketability
  • Check out our Online Tips and Tricks to maximize your Freelance earnings in no time
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If you have any doubts or questions or need help regarding the hiring process or related to any other issue then email us or Contact us without any hesitation.